ditte bolt

visual artist



In working with the pictures I am especially drawn by what is not happening. I explore scenes of intimacy and intensity. 

The light always catches my attention. I use the existing light – whether it is the sleepy light of day, candlelight, full moon

or the combination of all. The challenge is capturing the exact mood of the moment from where I stand.

I was attracted to the sleeping rides - these colorful parallel universes for big as well as for small - with their staged hopes 

of true happiness and joy. A summer day in Sardinia, I got a quiet moment with these joy machines, while they rested

before the evening show was to begin after dark.



All pictures at this webside is available in High-Quality Glichée / C-print in different sizes and editions.

All editions is signed and comes with a Certificate of Authenticy.

Please contact me for sizes and prises.

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